012: Daniel Espinoza on How His Family Handles Travel and Home Schooling

    My guest today is Daniel Espinoza, a web designer and consultant. Daniel has spent a year traveling with his family. They spent two months in Europe and one month in New York City. On today’s episode Daniel tells me what it’s like traveling with 3 kids and the challenges of running a business […]

010: Casey Armstrong on Backpacking to Business Building Abroad

Today I welcomed Casey Armstrong to the show. Casey is senior vice president of Watchmaster.com, a luxury watch ecommerce company in Berlin. He’s helped grow startups, such as Mavenlink, Pivotal Tracker, and Pantheon. He also grew and sold PaleoHacks.com, and leads the online marketing for the New York Times bestselling book, The Lean Entrerpeneur. Casey has […]

009: Travis Northcutt on Striking a Balance While Traveling

Today’s episode is about balance. Travis Northcutt is a partner at The Bright Agency where he helps membership sites grow to new heights. A native of Texas, Travis and his family began their traveling adventure in California and moved to a lengthy five week stay in Europe. He still keeps a home base in Texas, […]

007: Brian Casel on Setting Up Shop and Living Like the Locals

My guest today is the owner and founder of Audience Ops. Brian Casel runs a content marketing business with an all remote team. He also co-hosts a weekly podcast Bootstrapped Web with Carthook founder Jordan Gal. This style of business has enabled Brian and his family to take a  cross country adventure. Brian traveled with […]

006: Jake Jorgovan on Border Jumping and Business Building

My guest today is Jake Jorgovan. He is a writer, and owner of Outbound Creative. On today’s show Jake tells me about his year abroad with his then-fiancee, and now-wife. We discuss the quirks of travel and the lessons we picked up along the way. After reading The 4 Hour Work Week, Jake was inspired […]

005: Matt Inglot on Freedom and Running a Remote Business

Today’s guest is Matt Inglot. Matt is the founder of the Tilted Pixel a web agency that he runs remotely. He also runs Freelance Transformation where his mission is to help others attain his level of freedom. He lives in Alberta, Canada with his wife and two of the world’s most spoiled cats. The Tilted Pixel […]

Announcing Keith’s New Podcast: Nomadic Entrepreneurs

We’re excited to announce a new podcast from Keith Perhac: Nomadic Entrepreneurs — Unfiltered discussions with entrepreneurs, business owners, and digital nomads about how they balance their work with life while traveling. In each episode, Keith sits down with a Nomadic Entrepreneur for an in-depth conversation about work, life, and travel. Each episode is ~30-40 minutes […]