012: Daniel Espinoza on How His Family Handles Travel and Home Schooling



My guest today is Daniel Espinoza, a web designer and consultant. Daniel has spent a year traveling with his family. They spent two months in Europe and one month in New York City. On today’s episode Daniel tells me what it’s like traveling with 3 kids and the challenges of running a business that isn’t quite ready to be left on its own yet.

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Daniel and his family made some major changes to their lifestyle to keep their exploring going. He shares what his kids have learned and taken away from their time abroad. We also talk about the problems that come up when traveling abroad.

The topics discussed today are:

  • The importance of Standard Operating Procedures
  • Making the decision to homeschool
  • Finding childcare when abroad
  • How traveling has helped Daniel’s kids gain cultural experience
  • Daniel’s “star pattern” plan for future travel

To learn more about Daniel and his business visit his blog at daniel.gd and find him on Twitter @d_espi.

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