Your Vision

Turn your vision into a launchable product, with paying customers

Your ideas are too important to trust to just anybody.

We've helped companies big and small turn their ideas into successful products — from internal business software, to SaaS products and even social media apps.

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Trust your ideas to a team that knows their way around a product launch. Clients love working with us because we're not just another dev shop — we're also product creators. We know what it takes to launch a new product, and can help you cut through the hurdles that would otherwise keep you from launching.

We're invested in your success.

We don't take on projects that we don't think are viable — we want to help you build a great product, get to market, and find product market fit.

Development Packages

We have a number of development options for a variety of projects, timelines and budgets.
Want something a little more custom? Let's talk!

Launch Roadmap


  • Validate your ideas in depth with our team. We'll help you understand how to create a successful product & avoid potential pitfalls.
  • Dev Strategy Roadmap
  • 2-day On-Site Deep-dive
  • Initial app wireframes
  • Initial Launch Plan
  • $5k off any dev package

3 Week MVP


  • You'll get a saleable, minimal viable product that you can use to get customers, test the market and improve your offering.
  • The OneWeekMVP Framework
  • 3 Calendar Weeks
  • Weekly Strategy Meetings
  • 100 Hours of Development
  • Video Documentation & SOPs

Beta Box


  • Go from MVP to private beta, and start implmenting features and feedback requests from your existing, paying, users.

  • The OneWeekMVP Framework
  • 6 Calendar Weeks
  • Weekly Strategy Meetings
  • 200 Hours of Development
  • Video Documentation & SOPs

Full Launch


  • From MVP to Beta, we'll help you polish your application and give you solid plans for launch strategies and scaling your release.
  • The OneWeekMVP Framework
  • 12 Calendar Weeks
  • Weekly Strategy Meetings
  • 400 Hours of Development
  • Video Documentation & SOPs
Now accepting new projects for September, 2022!
Ready to Get Started?

What it's like to work with us?

My team and I excel at helping creators realize their ideas and develop sophisticated, well-developed software and business solutions. We use proven strategies developed working with companies all over the globe to build solid platforms that help you improve your business.

(1) Meet

After you get in touch with me, we'll set up a time to meet on skype and discuss the project.

(2) Set Goals

We'll confirm your goals and vision for the app, as well as the scope, budget, and timeline for the project.

(3) Kickoff

Then, if we both feel it would be a good fit, we'll sign contacts, schedule a kick-off meeting, and begin work on your project.

The OneWeekMVP Framework

In developing a number of MVPs and launch products for our clients, we've built up a large library of components and widgets for SaaS apps that speeds up development time considerably.

Our OneWeekMVP WebApp Framework contains:

  • A complete bare-bones application built on Laravel
  • User Authentication & Roles
  • Subscription Billing, Account management & Free Trials
  • Admin login for managing customers & data
  • Lifecycle Emails with Drip,, MailChimp and many others
  • Error Monitoring, Automatic Backups & Easy Server Deploys
  • And a ton more

Common Questions

Will you support the development on the application after it launches?

I'm happy to keep supporting your project after the initial launch, for as long as you would like.
We have a number of technical support retainers available to fit your budget — we can discuss on our initial call.

Will there be any costs besides development?

All costs will be detailed out in the initial contract. In addition to development cost you will be responsible for any hosting, domain names or 3rd party systems for the finished application.

What kind of documentation will I have for my team, or other developers I bring in?

All of the development packages include video documentation and SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) where we walk you and your team through how to use the application, as well as any included special features.

For technical teams, all our sourcecode is well documented, and usually easy to follow.
If you would like addition written technical documentation, our standard rate is 5% of project cost.

How much attention will you be giving to my project?

While we have a number of clients, we only work one development project at a time. That means you'll have the full attention of our development team, designers, project manager and myself to make sure that the project is moving forward and is inline with your vision.

What if I want to change direction with the project once we've started?

When developing a new idea, we take it as a given that the direction will change. Depending on how much the scope of the project changes, we can usually successfully pivot within the original quote — but for larger changes, additional development hours may be necessary.

Ready to get started?

I'm looking forward to building something amazing with you!

Now accepting new projects for September, 2022!
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